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From small warehouses to a large high-rise distribution center, our rack system solutions are designed to your specifications and requirements.

Designing the perfect pallet rack system for your company is a multi-step process. Everyone’s goals and ideas are different and taken into consideration when using a renowned expert like Des Moines Pallet Racking for your pallet racking needs.

We buy and sell used pallet racking throughout the Des Moines area.

If you are planning to move, upgrade or close your facility, we’re interested in discussing what pallet racking you may have for sale or to relocate. No quantity is too large or too small for Des Moines Pallet Racking.

Local pallet racking professionals for Des Moines

Des Moines Pallet Racking System Supplier

Pallet Rack

When you are lacking space within your warehouse installing an ideal pallet rack is the solution to your problem. We have been the leading Des Moines warehouse racking supplier for many years. We promote high quality pallet racks based on the requirements of your specific needs. We have skilled industry experts set up pallet racking beams throughout Des Moines. There’s a large variety of inventory at affordable pricing.

Shelving Warehouse Remedies

Modern shelving options within a warehouse involve the installation of pallet racks. Pallet racks are created from solid material and act as shelves improving the space for storage. These warehouse racks can hold heavy components and are the perfect way to fix storage problems. As a distributor, we present many shelving options for your personal needs.

How can you increase storage space in your warehouse?

Pallet Racking

If you are facing some shortage of storage space in your warehouse in Des Moines, the solution is to install pallet racks. These side by side shelves, will increase the storage potential of your warehouse vertically. With suitable planning and expert guidance, we’ll install the warehouse pallet rack Des Moines, IA, USA, which will optimize your storage space. Our industry experts are able to design a pallet rack system to meet your requirements.

Warehouse Pallet Rack Installation

Contact us at 515-654-6060 for our pallet racking Minneapolis services. Setting up pallet racks is not an easy task, as every business has different requirements and needs, our experts will take that into consideration from start to finish. We make sure the installation is done properly and the space is utilized efficiently.

Material Handling Warehouse Equipment Solutions


From a small warehouse to large distribution centers, we provide you with material handling equipment which is the best in the pallet racking Des Moines area. Warehouses come in many shapes and sizes so we provide options to accommodate your space. We sell and install numerous types of handling equipment, new and used, and we have a large inventory. The different types of equipment we offer consist of standard pallet racks, mezzanine surfaces, conveyor belts, forklifts, modular offices and much more. We have high quality inventory and it’s built to last.

Standard Warehouse Racks

Standard pallet racking systems are an affordable solution to increase your storage area. Depending on the need and goals of your organization, we can mount standard pallet systems within your warehouse. You can choose the warehouse racks according to the weight of the materials you want to store.

Mezzanine Flooring Systems

To boost the space in your warehouse, mezzanine floor systems are the perfect solution. They function as an additional rack to provide extra storage. The grade of materials our industry experts use to install mezzanine flooring systems is very high quality and long lasting.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are mainly used to transport products from a single portion of the warehouse to the other. It transfers the goods quickly without damaging them. We offer high quality conveyor belts for warehouses. We also install the conveyor belt soon after finding your requirements and the ground strategy of your manufacturing facility.

Modular Offices

If you want to make a modular office on your site, we can create the perfect one. Finding out your goals and understanding your requirements, our industry experts will make your entire office custom to your needs. In addition to top quality, our pricing is very affordable.

Fork Lifts

Forklifts are mainly used to raise materials on a higher warehouse rack from the pallet racks system. We have been marketing the most effective forklifts in the Des Moines area for many years. The cost of our forklift is very affordable and easy to use.

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Des Moines Pallet Racking Reviews

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★★★★★ from Browse A. onSeptember 28, 2019

We’ve only purchased warehouse racks a few times that I can ever recall, but it was a pleasure dealing with these guys. Very patient with me (and all my questions!) and took the time to answer all my questions. We had a pretty big project, for our company at least, so I was pretty frantic at times. I just have to say, it’s great when you run into an organization like this who “gets it” and knows what great customer service is all about! Thanks, so much Des Moines Pallet Racking, and Steve, you made it very easy for us!

★★★★★ from Arlene O. onAugust 28, 2019

We just opened a new branch in Des Moines so I did not know of any vendors in the area. I found Des Moines Pallet Racking when searching online, and I am happy I did! The customer service was top notch and they helped me coordinate every step of the way. Added them to my contact list for the future! Happy to leave a 5 star review. Thanks!

★★★★★ from Clarence A. onSeptember 18, 2019

Yes they had great pricing on some used pallet racking I needed. Got wire decks too. Will use them again if we ever have a need. Friendly staff.